Do I Need To Fire-Train Staff For My Business?

Here at Unique Fire, we are regularly providing important guidance to businesses on any topic relating to fire safety within a work environment, and one question that we are often asked is whether a business would need to have their staff trained to understand fire safety in the workplace. In this article, we will delve into this topic in greater detail.

What The Law Says

The obvious first step is to see what government legislation suggests. However, this still remains somewhat open to personal interpretation, because their online fire safety equipment page recommends that employees undergo what they deem to be adequate training, with no clarity on what would constitute “adequate”. Indeed, they suggest that the training would vary depending on the environment, which means that there is no obvious step-by-step guide, since each business location presents its own challenges when it comes to potential fire hazards.

Where Would You Start?

Therefore, you would need to shape any potential fire safety training for your workforce around the different possible challenges that your particular environment would present. This would require a thorough examination of your location, thus carrying out a fire risk assessment to capture any and all hazards in the building. By noting every single area where there would be a minor or a major risk for new employees, you can identify what staff would need to be made aware of.

Appoint Responsible Individuals

After completing an assessment, but before informing your entire workforce, it is well advised to appoint a number of responsible individuals who already have a strong education on fire safety. These people would be given roles to oversee the likes of fire alarm drill plans and fire safety training for staff, and they would also be aware of how to handle any situations where a major risk to employee safety did break out in the workplace. A fire marshal would also be recommended for a larger business and/or a business which operated from an environment that could present regularly high-risk situations to staff.

Do Your Staff Need Training?

With all this in mind, the simple answer is that, yes, your staff would require fire safety training, but it would be the choice of you and your appointed responsible health and safety officers as to how far this training would go. They would certainly require the most minimal health and safety training in line with the risks that your environment presents prior to them beginning their employment, and as they progress into key positions or as new potential hazards arise, further advanced training may be required. Either way, while the extent of training is down to personal opinion, it would be irresponsible to not provide fire safety training of any level for employees, especially in a location which brings a significantly high risk of hazards.

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