Add to the Protection of Your Building

As part of our comprehensive portfolio of fire prevention and security products, Unique Fire Protection also offers fire curtains and fire shutters.

After our fire risk assessment, we may recommend one or both of these. Especially effective as a fire barrier, fire curtains or fire barriers are frequently required to be retrospectively fitted in industrial premises.

Not only do they offer fire protection, but they can also add to the protection of your building, making them a cost effective means of improving your safety and security.

Fire curtains are primarily designed for internal use, to stop the spreading of fire from one open plan room to another. They are simple to operate and can be easily retracted during working hours, whilst their reinforced, glass fabric construction is designed to stop fire spreading for up to two hours.

Likewise, fire shutters are more suited to external use, creating a physical barrier. They can be used to contain goods or equipment, or to restrict areas from unauthorised users, along with offering up to four hours fire protection.

Be sure to get in touch and gain a better understanding of whether your company premises, or educational faculty would benefit from the addition of fire curtains or shutters.

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