Essential For Your Business

Current UK fire regulations state that every business must have an adequate fire detection system. The level of protection and the most suitable system for your business can be evaluated by a fire and risk assessment audit. Factors will include the size of the company, the number of employees and the nature of the business.

Smoke detectors and their associated alarms are devices that can prevent a fire from breaking out, and ultimately the potential of loss of life.

The earlier the detection of smoke or fumes within a property, the less chance there is that a fire will ignite, and potentially engulf a building.

Whilst it might be assumed that the consequences of a commercial fire will only be short term, in reality, only a small percentage of businesses will carry on with virtually no disruption.

There’s no denying that a fire can have a devastating effect on a business, making a fire alarm one of the most integral pieces of equipment that any business should have.

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