Install – Commission – Maintain

Current British Standards (BS5306) state that every commercial premises must have an ‘A’ rated fire extinguisher within 30 metres of an employee. This isn’t just to ensure that you ‘comply’, it’s to ensure that the safety of you and your staff is of paramount importance at all times.

At Unique Fire Protection, we can install, commission and maintain your fire extinguisher devices. Our equipment carries both the Kite and CE mark, and include larger, floor standing extinguishers, to hand-held portable devices. All fundamentally work in much the same way, and should be serviced each year by a qualified and regulated company. Likewise, any new devices must undergo a rigorous series of checks before being commissioned for use.

Our yearly service involves numerous safety checks, and each extinguisher must pass all criteria. We will also advise your company of any changes to legislations, that might affect the different types of fire extinguisher your business needs to comply, and duly supply them. As part of our complementary service, we also colour code all ‘O’ rings, tags and gauge patches as a visual aid and reference.

For a strategic review of your fire extinguisher devices, and to ensure that your business is totally compliant, contact us today!

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