Important Notice

With the ever-changing pace of the world, it is important for people to stay compliant and also be able to stay on top of their compliance issues. We know that being the responsible person for your business can be tough, so Unique Fire Protection and JC Systems have decided to make a few changes and merge with our sister company Unique Fire Protection Ltd.

This enables us to provide a broader scope of services to our clients whilst improving efficiency between the two companies. Our contact details, locations, and team members all remain the same. The main noticeable difference is our branding and the additional services that we can now offer to our clients.

To add to our services of Fire Protection and Security Systems Unique Fire Protection Ltd we can now offer:

  • GAS

Unique Fire Protection Ltd is a forward-thinking service provider and we needed a strong brand image to follow that up.

The logo you will be seeing across all our social media, literature and future emails will be the new Unique Fire Protection Ltd logo.

You will be seeing much more of this logo alongside our slogan “Be Compliant, Not Complacent” on our social media channels so make sure to give them a follow. Here is our new logo, and a few different variations of it that you may come across.

Do Your Staff Need Training?

With all this in mind, the simple answer is that, yes, your staff would require fire safety training, but it would be the choice of you and your appointed responsible health and safety officers as to how far this training would go. They would certainly require the most minimal health and safety training in line with the risks that your environment presents prior to them beginning their employment, and as they progress into key positions or as new potential hazards arise, further advanced training may be required. Either way, while the extent of training is down to personal opinion, it would be irresponsible to not provide fire safety training of any level for employees, especially in a location that brings a significantly high risk of hazards..

Unique Fire Protection can take the pain away from sorting your Fire Marshal training, we aim to keep you compliant which is why we offer monthly training events with our highly trained teachers so you can be assured that your employees will be getting the top industry advice, tips and teaching

Our Fire Marshal courses can also be a great opportunity to network with other businesses if you have less than 8 employees that need training, we will carry on advertising the training date and fill it up with people from other businesses, which you can book onto by calling our office on 0333 358 3375. If you have just one employee to train or up to eight, we can cater at our training facilities.