Health and Safety

Making sure your business has a up to date Health and Safety Risk assessment is a huge component of staying compliant.
As an employer you have to take a detailed look into your work space and identify any hazards that could arise and take note of your controls, are they effective enough ? And make sure your employees work space is safe and all laws are being followed.
At Unique Fire Protection we have a proactive approach when it comes to Health and Safety Assessments, which is why so many companies trust us to help them.


Why do I need a Health and Safety Risk Assessment?

It’s important to know a risk assessment is a carefully detailed document of what, in your work space, has the possibility to cause harm to employees, visitors, public or the building itself.
Under the Health and safety at Work Act (1974), it is the employer’s legal duty to protect their staff & visitor’s health, safety and welfare.
As part of our assessment we will:
Identify – The possible causes of harm in the workspace and who it may effect.
Evaluate – How likely is the event of this harm occurring, considering the current safeguarding in place
Initiate – Our recommended safeguarding measures, where is necessary to reducen the risk of an incident