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When it comes to protecting your premises from fire, Unique Fire Protection Ltd. is the one-stop solution. We will ensure your buildings and policies are fully compliant.

By law, you must have certain fire detection and fire safety equipment on site, such as fire alarms, fire extinguishers, fire blankets etc.. Unique Fire can provide these and conduct a fire assessment to identify fire risks. A fire assessment will minimise both business and human life costs.

Fire assessments

Our fire risk assessments are conducted by a team of fire protection specialists. We will visit your premises and identify the key risks to your fire safety strategy and how to minimize these. Our assessments will identify areas you will need to improve on to ensure safe evacuation, from fire martial training to emergency lighting. We can help with it all and with our assessments you can be sure that your business is protected and compliant with the law.

Fire alarm installation Cannock

Current UK regulations states every business must have an adequate fire detection and alert system. At Unique Fire Protection we recommend a fire and risk assessment audit to identify the best system for your business. This assessment will take into account the size of the company, the number of employees and the nature of your business.

Fire alarm systems can prevent a fire breaking out and ultimately the potential loss of life. Also a system that detects a fire early can reduce the chances of a fire engulfing a building.

A fire can have devastating impacts on businesses but a fire alarm and fire prevention system can help reduce the damage and potential disruption.

Fire extinguishers Cannock

Current fire regulations state that every commercial premises must have an ‘A’ rated Fire Extinguisher within 30 metres of an employee. This ensures the safety of everyone and may be the difference between a minor incident becoming a major disaster.

At Unique Fire Protection, we can supply, install and maintain your fire extinguisher devices. All of our range of fire extinguishers carry the CE and Kite Marks as a sign they meet European and British standards of quality. We can supply all types of fire extinguishers, from larger, floor-standing extinguishers to handheld portable devices. All work in the same way and should serviced before being commissioned for use and annually thereafter. Fire extinguisher servicing is required so that they remain fully functional and ready for use in an emergency. We will setup a full maintenance schedule of your fire extinguishers when we supply and can also maintain your existing fire extinguishers.

As a local business in the Cannock area we are happy to come and see you at short notice to discuss and explain the requirements of current UK fire legislation.

Fire Sprinklers Cannock

As well as fire extinguishers in Cannock, you may want to review your full fire suppression systems. Fire Sprinklers help to minimise the spread of fires and help contain them to certain areas, which can help reduce the damage and risk to life from fires.

A fire sprinkler is usually attached to the ceiling and will dissipate water automatically when a fire is detected. There are plenty of options to install them and they can even be retrospectively fitted to many buildings.

It’s also possible to protect buildings where at first glance a conventional sprinkler system may be unsuitable for use. For example in museums or places with a lot of electrical equipment, such as telecommunication and data centres. In this instance, rather than the sprinkler emitting water, a system can be fitted to disperse a non-toxic, mist-like powder, providing an alternative means of fire prevention.

Fire Marshal Training Cannock

As well as your detection and suppression systems, you should also consider the appropriate training requirements your staff may need. This fire safety training can range from teaching staff how to use fire extinguishers correctly when tackling small fires, to ensuring they know the basic evacuation procedure in the event of a fire through fire drills.

Many businesses may also need fire marshals as part of their operations. The number required will be dependent on your business, industry and size. The easiest way to identify how many will be a fire risk assessment. Factors that are taken into consideration include:

  • The number and usage of combustible and highly flammable materials.
  • The sources of heat which could potentially start a fire.
  • What building materials were used e.g. brick and stone, concrete, wood etc.
  • If there are any high risk individuals at your premises, such as the young, elderly, those with chronic health conditions or disabilities.
  • How quickly and easily it would be to escape in the event of a fire.

A fire assessment of your business will enable us to identify your level of risk and in turn the number of fire marshals you will need and the training required.

At Unique Fire Protection, our fire marshal training course can give trainees a full understanding of fire safety issues. Our courses cover:

  • The role of the fire marshal
  • Liaison with the fire & rescue service
  • Action on discovering a fire
  • Fire Safety Legislation
  • The chemistry of fire
  • Common causes of fire
  • Fire safety precautions
  • Fire drills and evacuation
  • How to use fire extinguishers

The whole course lasts around 4 hours, and if attended at our location refreshments will be arranged. All persons attending will also receive a certificate of attendance. We can tailor this course to your individual business needs.

Why choose Unique Fire Protection

Unique Fire aim to offer the complete service to our clients in Cannock and build mutually beneficial relationships. With dedication, attention to detail and our strategic approach we aim to provide a fantastic service that you will use again and again.

We also are aware that businesses operate in an increasingly competitive space in the West Midlands, so we always endeavour to suggest the most cost and time-effective solutions for your business.

Our team have over 50 years combined experience in the fire and security industries so you can be sure you will be speaking to the experts.

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