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What does a Birmingham, Fire Protection company offer? Well, yes, we cover the whole of Birmingham. However, we cover a vast array of different services to protect your company from a blaze. Risk assessments, fire extinguishers, fire doors, alarms and anything else a company may need to be protected from a fire.

Understanding that safety is important for your staff is key to understanding what we can do for you. However, understanding that it’s the law and having the correct plans in place may just save a life or protect the long term running of your business, is probably more important.

Getting Started With Fire Safety

It’s easy to get started on your journey with Unique Fire Protection. Something as simple as a fire safety audit will help you figure out what areas you’re performing well in, and others that may need improvement. Our team will visit your premises anywhere in Birmingham and complete a comprehensive check of your current prevention measures. We will evaluate how protected or at risk that your company is from fire and go through the results with you.

Our team will then provide you with a recommended plan of action with a full break down of costings. There will be no obligation to take our services. You just receive all the information you need to bring your business compliant to fire safety regulations.

What are the benefits to using Unique Fire Protection (UK) Ltd?

• We ensure your companies compliance
• Offer training courses so that you have trained staff on site
• Let us keep you up to date with regulations
• Fantastic value for money with packages for every budget
• Offer company discounts for referrals
• Employ the best professionals in this field
• We deliver best practice advice

Get Started Today With a Fire Audit

Fire Extinguisher Service & Maintenance

Staying compliant with your fire safety involves ensuring that all of your equipment receives regular maintenance. In fact, it’s the law to ensure that you fire extinguishers are maintained at least once per year. Maintenance involves checking your devices, testing them thoroughly and fixing any issues that are highlighted.

It’s law because if you need to use a device that is not in good order, it could let you down. This will cost your business money but more importantly, it may cost someone their life.

As part of having it maintained and serviced correctly, there may also be parts that require replacement. If an extinguisher is not used for an extended period then seals and other perishables start to break down. Once they do, your fire safety is compromised. You won’t know their broken until you need to use it. At this point then, it will be too late so it’s important to take action regularly to keep you and your employees safe.

fire extinguisher maintenance birmingham

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Fire Alarms

Another huge piece to the fire safety puzzle is your fire alarms. They are the devices that probably just sit in the corner of most office buildings. You may even have a weekly alarm test that is just noise to yourself. However, they’re your eyes and ears on the lookout for fire.

What you don’t realise is that they work 24/7. With sensors, possibly even sprinkler systems connected. At the slightest inkling of a fire, they raise the alarm for your fire evacuation plan to come into place. (If you don’t have an evacuation plan then pop over to our fire risk assessment page to read more about how we can help you.)

Alarm Installation

If you’re based in Birmingham, or anywhere in the West Midlands region, we can equip your company with the latest fire alarm technology. Keeping you safe around the clock from fire. There is no job to big or too small in the West Midlands, whether you have a small office with less than 10 staff or a huge apartment block with over 20 floors we will install the correct alarm for you.

Fire Alarm Maintenance in Birmingham

Having an alarm installed isn’t just install and leave it there. We mentioned above, you may have alarm tests. Your company may even do the odd fire drill to ensure everyone knows what to do in an emergency. Most of this comes under alarm maintenance and is another piece of the fire safety puzzle.

If you don’t maintain your alarm or any other of your fire safety equipment then you have no idea if it works. Having a professional company like us here at Unique Fire Protection will ensure that all of your maintenance is covered. It’s your responsibility to ensure your business is compliant, not complacent, don’t leave anything to chance when it involves fire.

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