Car Fires

What Do You Do If Your Car is On Fire?

Vehicles are a very complex piece of machinery. There are many moving parts, 100s of meters of electric cabling, some of which are extremely thin. Not to mention, there is highly flammable fuel and it generally moves at 70mph on a motorway. So there is a fair amount of risk when it comes to fire inside a car. It begs the question, what would you do if a fire started while you were driving?

How Many Car Fires Are There?

Before we understand how to deal with a fire, let’s look at how important it is. We’ve analysed data from the UK Fire and Rescue to show you just how many car fires there are in the UK. In 2016 & 17 there were a total of 327,190 fires across the UK. This includes deliberate and accident, that’s a lot of fires for our fire service to be dealing with. From that figure, there were 46,115 vehicle fires! That could potentially have been 230,575 people in danger from vehicle fire (46,115 multiplied by 5 (the number of space in an average car)).

Ok, that number is a little inflated but that’s still a large number of vehicle fires. From the 45k+ fires 22k of them were accidental meaning people could have been driving when the fire started. So would you know what to do in an emergency like that?

5 Steps to Stay Safe During a Car Fire

  1. Have a seat belt cutter: Having a tool to cut seat belts will greatly reduce the time it takes to leave your vehicle. Especially if it’s following an accident where mobility is reduced and so is access to the seat belt release.
  2. A tool to break the glass: Fire often starts in electrical components. If systems fail then the mechanism to unlock and open your door may just fail. Having a glass breaker allows for easy escape for you and your passengers.
  3. Fire Extinguisher: It seems obvious doesn’t it? However, a lot of people will not carry an extinguisher or they leave it in the boot where it’s impossible to access in an emergency.
  4. First Aid Kit: Treating injured people, or yourself, is much easier with a first aid kit. It might just save someones life.
  5. Whistle or Horn: Having a whistle or a horn to help attract attention makes being found and getting further assistance, so much easier. Fire affects the lungs and may make shouting difficult.

Can I Buy Something With These Items Inside?

Yes! There are many different vehicle safety kits available. However, there is not many that specialise in fire. Many of the kits also come in large boxes or containers leaving them in the boot. So when they’re really needed, they’re actually inaccessible.

So the best kit to purchase would be a fire safety kit from us here at Unique Fire Protection. Our kit is small, so small it will fit under your seat. This means no matter when it’s needed, you can just reach out and grab it to save peoples lives.

You can order one by calling us direct on 01922 862207. However, we will be making this process easier in the coming weeks. We have an online shop coming where you can purchase this along with other fire safety items and have them delivered directly to you.

What To Do If Your Car is On Fire?

So the question we’re here for, what do you actually do if your car is on fire? Well there are a few things to do, some of which may require one of our vehicle safety kits or similar to help you out.

First: Stay calm, the key to dealing with an emergency situation is to remain calm at all times.

Second: When you spot a fire, if you’re driving, it’s time to stop. Stop the vehicle safely and get out. If you’re having issues with your seat belt then use a cutter to help take it off. It will get the job done in a matter of seconds.

Third: Grab your kit and move away from the vehicle, well away. We don’t recommend you attempting to extinguish a vehicle fire. The extinguisher we provide will help if you or any of your passengers are on fire. A vehicle carries a lot of flammable items, if you don’t move away quickly, then you put your own life in danger.

Fourth: Call the fire brigade. To extinguish a car takes a lot of power, you need a fire engine there quickly. They will attend and take over the situation.

Fifth: Listen to the fire brigade. They’re extremely experienced in this so follow their instructions carefully and closely.

We hope you never need this guide however, read it carefully, bookmark it and share it with your friends. It may save someones life.