Safe Contractor Accreditation

UFP are now Safe Contractor approved

Unique Fire Protection (UK) Ltd are now Safe Contractor approved. What Does This Mean For You? Seven years ago, we decided to make the break and set up UFP, with the intention to be transparent and honest in everything that we offer to our customers. Having worked in the fire industry for many years, it was apparent that the customer was not always getting the best advice. We have never felt the need to have to rubber stamp our ideals or our business model. However, we do understand that many businesses have been let down by some service providers and are no longer willing to trust on face value. Therefore we took the decision to get that rubber stamp of approval. To give you that peace of mind. So…..for our existing customers, this means that they now have comfort in knowing that the choice that they made was the right choice. And for all of our potential customers. You now also know that making the decision to use UFP for your fire protection requirements is now backed by a nationally trusted body. Call us today for a fire safety audit and see how different the experience is with Unique Fire Protection (UK) Ltd 01922 862207.