Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance, Installation & Commissioning

Achieve peace of mind that your portable fire extinguishers will work first time if you ever need to use them. Our fully qualified technicians will visit your site and inspect the extinguishers every year and advise on any changes needed.

Unique Fire Protection (UK) Ltd has over 40 years experience in the provision of all types of Fire Extinguisher servicing to a wide range of commercial buildings and environments including Shops, restaurants, schools, factories and many more working environments.

We supply kite-marked and CE marked equipment. Our range of Extinguishers are guaranteed for a period of 5 years. If maintained by one of our Extinguisher service technicians.

We are located centrally in Walsall in the West Midlands. And we offer UK coverage.

The Unique Way

When servicing, all ‘o’rings, tags and and gauge patches are colour coded. This gives you, the customer piece of mind. Knowing that all items have been checked thoroughly.


The range of services we provide for your fire extinguisher are:

  • Fire Extinguisher initial inspection
  • Fire Extinguisher Basic Service
  • Fire Extinguisher Extended Service
  • Fire Extinguisher Commissioning
  • Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Packages to suit budget
  • We supply a full range of fire extinguisher accessories

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Putting a pin in gauge of fire extinguisher
Writing on label of fire extinguisher