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Fire Door
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A fire door or fire-resistant door is used to prevent the spread of fire. These doors can be internal or external and both require regular maintenance. An integral part of a fire risk assessment should discuss the need for fire doors and fire exits. It’s a legal requirement to have your fire doors inspected and maintained so that they remain fit for purpose.

The doors are made from a combination of different materials. Such as steel, timer, aluminium, gypsum and glass. These materials are generally fire resistant and work in combination with a special fire-resistant seal.

Fire Door Inspection

As mentioned above, it’s a legal requirement to have your fire doors inspected and maintained. Article 17 of the Fire Safety Order states that all fire resistant and escape doors are adequately maintained and correctly installed.

Our advice would be to inspect the door every six months as minimum! However, for newly occupied buildings or places with high traffic, a more frequent inspection may be necessary. Doors in higher traffic areas will wear quicker as they are used more often. If you wish to know how often then need inspecting then you should speak to us regarding a fire risk assessment or a fire audit. Our team will help you devise a plan to stay compliant not complacent.

A Hospital should be checked a lot more often as there is a larger flow of people throughout the building on a day to day basis compared to a standard office. An office may be checked monthly, however, a hospital may want to do weekly checks or maybe even daily visual checks if the foot traffic is high enough.

Should I Maintain My Fire Doors?

Yes, absolutely. Remember a fire door is designed to save lives. As with any product of this nature, it requires regular maintenance.

Any slight changes to your building, doors or surroundings can change the way a fire door functions. At this point, you’ll need a fire maintenance expert to ensure that everything works as it should.

Who Should Maintain My Fire Doors?

We only ever recommend having your doors maintained by trained professionals. Here at Unique Fire Protection, we offer the complete fire safety package. We are available to work with you & your team to ensure that your fire protection is taken seriously. It doesn’t matter if it’s your home, office, school or other large traffic building, fire protection needs to be taken seriously.

Having your fire doors maintained by professionals ensures compliance. However, much more important than that, it ensures the safety of life to you, your family, workers & the general public. Having incorrect fire safety procedures in place could land you in trouble. You could end up with a fine, imprisonment or even worse, the loss of someone you love.

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